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Feb 2021

To Be or Not To Be: Benefits of Digitization in HR with Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh

Before the rise of the pandemic that hit the world in full force, businesses were contemplating if they should make the switch from automation to digitization. In fact, some businesses were still deciding if they should automate their HCIS, a question that left them eons behind other corporations. As Dr. Hawamdeh, founder and CEO of MenaITech, said, had it not been for COVID-19, HR managers would still be seen as mere figures who only needed to be remembered at the end of the month. 


In his delightful webinar with Mr. Abd-Al Rahman Abu Draz, Dr. Hawamdeh spoke of how urgently businesses need to make the switch to digitization. Automation is manually entering data into a computer so that it’s not on paper anymore, which can be an error-filled, time-consuming process. 

But digitization is the complete cultivation of all employee information and data, integrating it with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and linking it to one platform for accurate and fast retrieval. This can also help in learning more about an employee’s job history, interests, and competencies. 

Digitization has pushed the digital economy 15 years ahead of its time, as Mr. Abu Draz mentioned, and could possibly be seen as one of the benefits brought about by COVID-19. 

HR managers need to be empowered by this digital change, not hindered by it. With digitization, HR managers can view data strategically, helping their business flourish by creating HR metrics, dashboards, and KPIs based on insightful analytics. In doing so, the business can understand clients’ needs by carrying out gap-analyses to discover what I needed and what could be done better. 

The advancements don’t end with HR managers, but rather continue from there. Line managers and HR managers can join forces and successfully communicate job descriptions and competencies of a particular job that the HR manager may not have any knowledge about. 

Clients can use digitization in the form of chatbots that operate using robotic process automation (RPA) or AI to answer questions and lead customer support. Applicants can also use chatbots which conduct initial interviews and shortlist potential candidates. Additionally, employees can use digital technologies to punch in and punch out, instead of wasting expenses on TA machines and their maintenance. 

There are no limits to how digitization can benefit businesses, and in today’s rapidly changing economy, adopting such digital technologies is crucial to a business’ survival.