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Thursday 11 Feb 2016

Top Benefits of Using SaaS HR in UAE

SaaS HR is the acronym for ‘Software as a service.’ SaaS is now making waves in the world of IT. The software service is managed through the cloud, which allows professionals to access up to date solutions that results in flexibility in terms of growth and location. In a world where businesses have to deal with rising costs and competition, SaaS HR enables companies to make the best use of their budget, reducing the need for upfront investments which is usually associated with on premise systems. Here are the key benefits of using SaaS HR software in UAE:

Increased Flexibility

Years from now, companies were often forced to buy, maintain and build an in-house IT infrastructure, no matter how high the cost. SaaS allows companies to cut exponentially high costs as all you have to do is plug in and subscribe to the services based on your existing infrastructure via the internet.

Quick Implementation

Traditional software implementations are rather expensive and time-consuming. With SaaS, employers have the chance to use their existing infrastructure. This significantly reduces the initial implementation work, allowing you to deploy your new software in a matter of days as opposed to several weeks and months.

Low Costs

With SaaS, companies only have to pay for what they need without having to purchase additional hardware. In addition, SaaS gives companies the benefit of predictable costs which eventually results in more accurate budgeting, especially as compared to the costs of internal IT. SaaS HR in UAE is a great option for small businesses as it eliminates the cost factors associated with the traditional HR software model. Companies that opt for SaaS HR will be able to eliminate costs such as deployment, replacement, maintenance of on premises human resource management software.

Increased Efficiency

The SaaS model of delivery allows HR professionals to have access to employee information on a real-time basis, which is not possible while using traditional HR software. In addition, SaaS HR applications are highly scalable. HR professionals can easily implement additional features with the minimal amount of effort, as the business changes and grows.

Increases Productivity of HR Professionals

HR professionals are among the busiest people in any organization. When companies subscribe to SaaS HR in UAE, the HR staff no longer has to put in tedious hours in tasks, such as employment application processing, employee verification, and data entry.

The best SaaS HRMS are highly flexible and customizable, offering clients various options for functional changes without the hefty price tag and have various features such as process design, workforce analytics and HR compliance management tools, adding extensive value to their SaaS HR service offerings.