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Sunday 28 May 2017

Tips for Increasing Take-Up of Cloud HR in a Firm

Thanks to Cloud HR solutions – gone are those days where managers and HR personnel had to deal with endless paper work and hunt around for documents regarding holiday requests, appraisal histories, project competition, and payroll information. With these reliable software applications, never again do firms have to rely on hard copies, which can easily be misplaced, fabricated, or stolen.

Since Cloud HR solutions even have a self-service portal, it promotes better efficiency in an organization. Employees can easily perform a lot of tasks relating to their HR, while gaining the ability to inform the personnel about any serious issues. However, this can only be possible if the staff actually starts using the system. If your employees aren’t happy with you making this shift in software, here are some ways you can get them on board:

Promise Better Efficiency

As with anything new, it takes some time and convincing for people to get used to things. The same goes with Cloud HR. You need to allow your workforce to see a real benefit in change. Show them how the software can be used for improving communication rather than using their old approach of emailing or calling. Make it clear that it’s just as quick to send HR-related messages and project status updates through the system.

Most importantly, affirm that all messages and responses will be stored in one place. This rids the need of having to scroll through hundreds of emails to finally find a historic communication. Explain that how with a touch of a button, employees can gain access to a host of valuable information about themselves, such as scanned workbooks, staff handbook, appraisal documents, performance evaluation, etc.

Explain the Safety of Cloud HR

One of the primary concerns of most employees who are freshly adopting and adjusting to a cloud HR system is whether their information will be secure. Assure your staff members that it’s much safer to store important documents like appraisal feedback, salary slips, and project bonuses on their own personal computer. Ensure that the vendor you have acquired the service from offers high-level of security developed to protect cloud-based systems.

You must make your employees feel safe about sharing their personal information on the HR system. Explain how the system works and allows different employees to enjoy their own profile, which they can use for tracking performance, viewing payment history, etc. This is way better than keeping hard copies, which can consume a lot of time to track and out of sight from unauthorized individuals.

Describe Remote Benefits

Don’t hesitate on telling your workforce how the Cloud HR software can maximize productivity of employees and boost their level of satisfaction. Anyone operating a cloud-based tool knows that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time, provided they have a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other hand-held device and of course an internet connection. Explain how this can prove useful for employees who have to handle outdoor relations. You can make your employees more mobile and make it convenient for them to get work done regardless of their location.

The cloud HR software is incredibly useful for remote employees working from home and on-the-road sales people; as they can all access the system and take advantage of its numerous benefits. Just the existence of such a system can result in a greater sense of inclusion for those employees who are working away from the office. Since Cloud HR software applications can be accessed 24/7, they also prove to be useful for remote workers and night shift workers who want to use the system out of normal working hours.