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Monday 02 May 2016

Everything You Need to Know about Talent Management Software in Saudi Arabia

How Talent Management Software Works

Talent management software (TMS) is an integrated set of software applications that enable business owners and HR managers to successfully and efficiently manage, hire, and retain employees. It enables the HR department to keep track of all employees’ performance, starting from the hire date.

The software can also be used to compile valuable info regarding the workforce at various points in the employee life cycle. This data can then be used to identify future organizational leaders and recruit more efficiently and easily. To understand more, let’s look at how Talent Management Software in Saudi Arabia works:

  • Recruitment

Talent management software helps companies identify and organize applications through an effective applicant tracking system (ATS). This gives you the necessary info needed to give a warm welcome to new and pre-hires, streamline administration, and increase first-day productivity. The software also eliminates the paperwork required to collect worker information and automates processes related to recruitment.

  • Performance Management

Talent management software in Saudi Arabia enables managers to keep track of and define employee rate and goals. The software allows HR managers to optimize, align, and assess workforce performance, without the added cost or burden of managing paperwork. This unlocks the potential in your people through transparency in capability, quality, capacity, and cost of your workforce. It also presents opportunities to develop, reward, and motivate talent based on performance.

  • Learning and Development

One of the best features of a Talent Management System is it facilitates the recruitment process within an organization by providing new employees and trainees with exceptional training material. The software also helps establish goals for an entire organization or team and assess the completion of goals for increased engagement, improved visibility, and maximum alignment throughout your business. This results in improved learning and development of new and existing workers.

  • Compensation Management

Last, but not the least, Talent management software in Saudi Arabia ensures performance is reflected in the compensation. The software enables HR to create individual profiles of employees to highlight completed training, key competencies, and past experience. This enables the HR department to collaboratively create competency-based development plans to help employees achieve career goals while ensuring each employee receives appropriate compensation.

Tips on Finding the Best Talent Management Software

As a business owner, one of the major decisions you have to make is hiring/firing. The task isn’t easy and if you make a mistake, you could end up losing a potentially useful asset. So, how can businesses make sure they obtain/retain only the best talent? This is where Talent Management Software in Saudi Arabia comes in, which tracks every employee’s performance, assesses new candidate profiles, and makes the selection process easier. But, how can you find the best Talent Management System in Saudi Arabia? Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Get Quotes

When it comes to finding the best Talent Management Software in Saudi Arabia, it is imperative you take plenty of time for research. Shortlist a few companies, take a look at their testimonials and ask for price quotes. This way, you can gain info regarding how much the Talent Management System will cost you (in accordance with the features you want). After all, determining your budget is a crucial aspect of investing in any software/system.

  • Conduct Due Diligence

Modern talent management software are great tools to support your HR strategy. So, don’t settle for a software that lacks the features you need and go the extra mile in conducting due diligence by asking vendors and consultants questions regarding how the Talent Management System will benefit your organization. Look at the features and compare the offerings with other software on the market.

  • Get it Right the First Time!

When selecting a Talent Management Software in Saudi Arabia, don’t simply look for an application that “automates” your existing processes. Go for software that helps your HR department improve the selection and talent management process. Bear in mind the best Talent Management System help sin crease the efficiency and effectiveness of every member on your team.

  • Implement Effectively

Never choose software or make a final decision, until and unless you are 100% sure the software can be implemented with your existing HR management and payroll portal system. Therefore, make sure the software provider you choose has the appropriate support services in place to help you implement the software successfully within the organization.

  • Configure, Don’t Customize

When buying a software application, look for features that allow for “configuration” not “customization”. The software should be tailored to your organization and provide the appropriate configuration tools to ensure success. An application that you have to “customize” would be a waste of money.

Benefits of Investing in Talent Management Software

Talent management has much to do with the identification of a candidate’s natural talent, traits, personality and skills for the purpose of retaining him or her in an organization. One of the main advantages of this is that the company in question does not have to incur extra cost on the recruitment of fresh hands too soon or allow any talented staff to leave on a flimsy excuse. However, it can require a lot of time, effort, and hassle to manage the talent in your company. This is where investing in talent management software can prove useful:

  • Ensures Compliance with Business Guidelines

The software ensures business processes are in compliance with global practices and local laws. Therefore, talent management software in Riyadh is an integral requirement for every company, especially if they want to avoid legal hassle.

  • Efficient Tracking of Employee Performance

With a manual system, tracking employee performance can prove difficult. Using talent management software allows HR managers to easily identify different talents, track employee performance, and then position them for the maximum benefits of the organization. This enables businesses to bring out the best in their employees, ensuring your team carries no passengers and that every person on the team has a clearly defined role which they are able to fulfil without hassle.

  • Effective Management of HR Processes

Often, managers assume effective management has little or nothing to do with HR. This isn’t true. An organization can only thrive if it has a good HR management team that is determined to bringing out the best in the employees. This is exactly what talent management software applications help them do, making it easier to discover, acquire, and edit employee information, track performance, and monitor new employees. This helps with effective succession planning for the benefit of employees and the company as a whole.

  • Stimulates Personnel Satisfaction and Increases Productivity

Last, but not the least, talent management software in Riyadh helps stimulate personnel satisfaction and increased productivity, coupled with periodic learning recommendations. This is a great model for supporting and enhancing employees in career advancement. It also helps employees understand why they should abide by corporate visions and goals.

Modernize Your Recruiting Techniques with Talent Management System

Finding, hiring and retaining employees are the main tasks for an HR department. Hiring a new employee is a critical decision because it eats up two of the most important resources of a company: time and money. Thanks to advancement in technology, organizations are now able to efficiently use modern sourcing strategies to hire top talent. With the help of a talent management system in Saudi Arabia, organizations can use legacy recruitment systems to improve the skeleton of their enterprise, i.e. their employees.

Talent management system in Saudi Arabia can help organizations find the right candidate with talent acquisition tools, such as assessments, extensive search features and branded career sites. It also helps analyze various metrics, such as the cost to hire, through reports and trend charts.

  • Higher Quality Talent

So how can software help you find high-quality talent? The talent management application provides you with the necessary tools that will help you attract, identify and target candidates. These candidates are filtered down based on the criteria you select, such as desired skills and level of experience. Not only will the company get the perfect list of desired candidates but it will also save a lot of time than the traditional method of short-listing candidates. You can further improve your recruiting strategy with career sites that are compliant and showcase your brand.

  • Support Collaborative Hiring

Talent management software in Saudi Arabia allows everyone to stay in the loop, including recruiters, HR leaders and hiring managers. When everyone is on the same page, it makes it easier to streamline the hiring process. The application tracking system lets everyone know exactly at what stage the candidate is at in the hiring process. The application brings the entire recruitment process in one spot, which offers an organized way to review and rate candidates. All feedback in relation to the candidates can also be shared and viewed by all the users.

  • Seamlessly Onboard Employees

Talent management software expedites the time it takes to hire a new employee. Tools, such as automated forms and social portals accelerate the hiring process. It efficiently widens access to recruiters, HR leaders and hiring managers.

  • A Unified Solution

A talent management system in Saudi Arabia doesn’t require you to invest in more applications because it’s an all in one solution for your talent acquisition needs. You can seamlessly find, hire and retain new talent and use these high-quality workers to achieve your organizational goals.


So, if you want to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, it’s time you invested in talent management software too. You can contact MenaITech, a professional HR management software provider, to invest in the best HR and Talent Management Software in Riyadh.