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Saturday 23 Apr 2016

5 Winning Qualities of a Recruitment Management System in UAE

For modern companies who aspire to leverage the top-notch online recruiting tools and most state-of-the-art sourcing strategies in one user-friendly platform, investing in a viable recruitment management system in UAE is an imperative decision. While the internet is sprawling with myriad social networks and reliable job boards to tap in to and extract out passive and active job seekers, how does one incorporate these resources without piling a bundle load of work on the hiring teams? The answer lies in a great recruitment management system. However, since the industry is filled to brimming with recruitment management software, here are 5 qualities to look for when shopping for a reliable recruiting system

  • It should Map Your Company’s Needs

There’s no one size to fit all, when it comes to recruitment systems. The best system for you is one that caters to the specific needs and goals of your business. A small sized or medium sized company doesn’t incorporate all the recruitment needs of a reputable recruiting agency or a large global enterprise. You should start by mapping out your HR requirements so that you are in a better position of choosing a recruitment system for your hiring team. Even better, choose a system that can be tailor made to fit their needs.

  • It Should Facilitate Communication

The hiring process is best left to the devices of a hiring team. As such, you should look for a recruitment management system in UAE that makes it easier for the team members to work together, even if they are not physically located in the same room. A great recruitment system should enable your team members to share their candidate evaluations, prepare for interviews, and collaborate to reach a unanimous decision. The system should also enable the management to communicate with candidates during the selection process.

  • It should Enhance the Candidate Experience

Getting right down to the nitty-gritty details of the recruitment management system in UAE, find out how simple and intuitive it is to use for your candidates and your team. Does it streamline the application process for the hiring team, thus alleviating redundant information and administrative tasks? A great recruitment system is one that nurtures an interactive user experience for anyone who uses it. A good user experience has a great impact on whether the employee gives up partway or applies successfully, as well as reflecting on your organizations’ brand.

  • It Should Support an Employee Referral Program

One of the best talent-sourcing strategies is employee referral. Employee referral candidates are known to have better retention rates, are more apt to accepting an offer, and tend to be better qualified for the job. This translates to the hiring team conducting much fewer interviews before finding the right fit. A great recruitment system is one that efficiently supports an internal employee referral program. When purchasing the system, be sure to scrutinize how easy it is for your employees to make their referrals through the system, as it has a great impact on the success of the program.

  • It Should Perform Powerful Searches

Social media and online job boards can give access to large applicant pools. A great recruitment management system in UAE is therefore needed to accurately and quickly parse resumes by keywords so that the most sought-after candidates can be sifted. You should test and analyze the speed and power of the system’s search engine, how it depicts the search results, and how easy it is to use. Ideally, a system should display results in such a logical and meaningful way that can be quickly understood by the hiring teams.

You can find all these qualities and more in the recruitment management system offered by MenaITech, making it the ideal choice for your business.