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Tuesday 01 Sep 2020

Post COVID – Reset The Changing Role of HR

As the pandemic transforms major global trends, Human Resources is at the front lines of employer’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis is forcing businesses across a wide range of industries to immediately develop, improve, or adapt remote work policies and procedures. Once the dust of the pandemic settles and we come out on the other side, HR leaders will need to rethink employee training, workforce management, performance evaluations, and experience strategies to navigate the post pandemic evolution of employment.


Remote Work Will Become a Permanent Staple For Businesses

What was once offered as an incentive, businesses have been forced to adapt and develop their remote workforce as employees are forced into isolation and quarantine. Even as businesses begin to reopen their traditional brick and mortar locations, the benefits of offering remote work options have not been lost on employers. From increased productivity to streamlining costs, most employers now have the communications infrastructure and technology needed to successfully allow their employees to continue their remote work. 

Now that employees across a wide range of industries have been trained to work remotely, they will want to retain this flexibility in the future. Whether it’s part time, full time, or not at all, Businesses and HR leaders will need to determine the best path forward for the future of their remote workforce. 


Managing The New Work/Life

Now more than ever, the future of work lies in the future of worker well being. Whether it’s caring for a sick loved one, managing quarantine, managing remote learning, working from home without childcare, or all of the above, the global pandemic has placed an enormous shift on work/life. While the best organizations strive to find the right balance between work and life, COVID-19 has placed additional pressure on HR to meet the needs of their employees. HR leaders will need to remain flexible in the future to ensure their employees are happy, healthy, and productive.


Embracing Technology For Recruitment & Training

HR can expect to continue many of their responsibilities in the digital space as we head into post pandemic times. The traditional recruitment and training methods have been forced to evolve during the global pandemic. 

Thanks to innovative technologies and digital platforms, everything from recruitment and the interview process to onboarding and training can be conducted in a safe and secure virtual space. As more businesses rely on platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout to work through in-person COVID-19 restrictions, many will opt to continue to use virtual methods once the pandemic is over. 


Managing The Challenges Of Nurturing Workplace Culture

A strong and defined organizational culture is critical to long-term success. But how can an organization foster culture remotely?

Unfortunately, culture is hard to automate. Post pandemic, businesses will need to design creative strategies to preserve and enhance organizational culture. Moving into the future, HR departments will need to place additional emphasis on maintaining and enhancing employee engagement, communication, and commitment to culture. Even when working remotely, employees will pick up on culture from executive, leadership, and fellow employees. 


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