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Monday 19 Sep 2016

Tips to Successfully Implement a Performance Appraisal System in Qatar

Employee performance appraisals are important to employees. After all, evaluations provided by managers decide whether an employee’s skills set appropriately matches their job to ultimately decide whether they should receive training, or a promotion with a raise. With a performance appraisal system in Qatar, businesses can redefine employee performance management and ensure goals are consistently met.

However, HR managers have expressed concerns in terms of implementing these systems, and this is mainly because they fear the implementation of an appraisal system would signal to the workforce that a redundancy situation might arise. In fact, more often than not businesses are reluctant to ask for support and feedback, as it would seem that they are incapable of making decisions related to their employees.

Most of these fears, though, can easily be overcome with the help of some simple yet effective implementation techniques. Don’t quite know how to go about this? Well, here are a few tips to successfully implement a performance appraisal system in Qatar.

  1. Talk about the basic principles of the system with key employees: For instance, you can decide what types of questions can be asked and what are they based on. Holding meetings and collectively evaluating the system – and the benefits it will provide to both the employer and employees – helps employees to better adjust with the performance appraisal system while explaining why it is necessary.
  2. Conduct a meeting with all employees: This should also include your HR managers that will be using the performance appraisal system in Qatar. By doing so, you will be able to introduce the content and technicalities of the system to your employees, allowing them to know what is going to happen well in advance.
  3. Perform a test appraisal: While your business implements the performance appraisal system, test appraisals can be carried out before the actual appraisals to make your employees more familiar with the new approach. Make sure to let them know in advance that these results would not be taken into account.
  4. Implement the appraisal system based on division or function: This method helps to relieve any tensions related to appraisals within the company. Those who have been appraised can talk about their experience with colleagues. Additionally, this will also buy you enough time to improve the system and ensure it suits the needs of your business.

While a performance appraisal system in Qatar will provide businesses – regardless of their size or industry – with a wide range of benefits, these can only be reaped if efforts are made to ensure successful implementation within the business. It also comes down to the software vendor and the features offered on the system. So, follow the tips we have mentioned above to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new system!