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Monday 19 Sep 2016

The Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Manpower Portal in UAE

Under piles of meetings, workloads, and appointments, it can often become difficult for business managers or employers to give employees the stimulus, encouragement, attention, and time they deserve to work harder, smartly, and more efficiently. This is where utilizing a company’s greatest assets – its human resources – to its fullest potential comes in handy. However, sometimes in order to utilize the full potential, you need to adopt technology that tackles employee dissatisfaction, time constraints, and management challenges efficiently. One such technology is cloud-based Manpower Portal in UAE, which provides businesses a number of advantages, such as:

Cost Advantages

With cloud-based Manpower Portal in UAE, there is no need for businesses to purchase new software or hardware. This immediately saves businesses tens of thousands of dollars, which can otherwise be spent in other more important areas in the organization. Businesses that use cloud-based Manpower Portals also do not have to worry about paying hidden/extra fees, installation costs, or ongoing maintenance costs. Since most Manpower Portals operate on a SaaS platform, you only pay for the services YOU require – hence saving you more cash.

Efficiency Advantages

One of the main benefits of using Manpower Portal in UAE is that employees and HR staff can access the software from anywhere, at anytime, and through any device – be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Most portals even allow employees to log in at the comfort of their home, when they are unable to make it to work. This makes it easier for them to complete all-important tasks for the day, without having the need to leave home in circumstances they are not feeling up to the mark or have commuting issues.

Usage Advantages

Since you can access the Manpower Portal in UAE from anytime, anywhere, you also get to benefit from increased engagement and usage. Employees can easily access their work for the day, along with information about latest policies, monthly performance, and attendance in a fast and convenient way. This proves useful in eliminating costly downtimes of visiting the HR department for every small issue or problem, as requests for changes or amendments can directly be made from the portal. The HR department upon viewing the request will provide appropriate feedback, without being flooded with inquiries.

Update Advantages

One of the main drawbacks of on-premise software is that updating and maintaining can be a complicated, time-consuming, and hassle-filled process. The entire system needs to be taken offline in circumstances of an issue or problem, which can result in considerable amount of work loss. This is not an issue with Manpower Portal in UAE though, which updates directly and seamlessly from the provider allowing you to access the latest (and greatest!) version.

Last, but not the least, integrating cloud-based Manpower Portals is incredibly easy. Businesses simply leverage the robust open API to integrate systems and start sharing data in real-time. Are you looking for a reliable Manpower Portal in UAE? Simply contact MenaITech – a company that offers the best HR and employee management solutions in the MENA Region.