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Sunday 03 Jun 2018

The Importance of Integrating Payroll and Time Management Software

Regardless of the size of your organization, payroll plays an essential role in running your business. Based on employee time and attendance, payroll is no simple process. In fact, the reality of managing time and attendance records for payroll is one of the most time-consuming and error-prone responsibilities for many companies.


Manpower resources allocated to payroll activities takes away time that’s better dedicated to other strategic HR contributions. Not only are these manual activities more subject to errors, but they can also create inefficient workflows. Yet, even with that knowledge, some businesses are reluctant to upgrade to seamless, automated payroll and time-clock systems.  

Adding seamless, automated software interfaces, such as MeanTA and MenaPay, helps companies become more efficient. These sophisticated web-based payroll and time management systems empower businesses with the tools they need to reduce costs without the added complexity of the time consuming manual processes.


Automate and Integrate Payroll and Time Management Systems

An automated system which integrates payroll with time and attendance tracking is the perfect way to minimize errors and ensure accurate reporting. Electronic software and time clocks collect information easily and efficiently without the need for manual input. Data analysis is reviewed in real time, which creates more efficient and accurate payroll processing.


Organizations can bridge the gap between hours paid and hours worked with an automated payroll interface. Separate systems generate confusion, and they often require manual corrections. Additionally, when you integrate your payroll and time management software, your employees can engage across multiple departments.


Benefits of Automated Payroll and Time Management Software

The seamless integration of payroll and time management software are not only essential to improve workflow practices, but they are also extremely beneficial to your organization’s bottom line.


Benefits include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Manage payroll in various countries with separate payroll requirements
  • Customize your software to meet local tax systems and regulations
  • Administer payroll solutions across multiple locations from one central location with a single server installation
  • Reduce time spent on wage calculations, compensation, benefits, leave and vacation management, etc.
  • Eliminate the need to print checks with direct deposit
  • Electronic tax filing and reporting
  • Automatically calculate total worked hours including overtime, vacation time, sick leave and holiday pay
  • Instant access to reports on employee attendance and performance
  • Manage workflow across multiple departments and shifts
  • And more


In the unlikely event, your company faces a charge of labor violations, automated systems can prove very beneficial. If your company ever faces issues concerning hourly or wage noncompliance or a labor audit, maintaining an accurate, historical record can be the difference between having to pay costly penalties.


Facilitate Growth

Growth and expansion are both a great sign that your business is on track. However, growth can quickly become a frustrating experience without scalable systems in place. This is particularly true for payroll processing.


New branches, mergers and acquisitions can quickly introduce complex payroll systems throughout the organization. Throw in incompatible or outdated reporting and tax filing systems, and it can become a recipe for disaster. Businesses can eliminate redundant steps by adopting an integrated payroll and time management system.


An integrated system which includes payroll and time management software solves any issues that may arise from out-of-date systems.


Empower Employees to Access Their Own Attendance Data

One of the best practices for strategic payroll is giving employees direct access to their data. Think about how much time HR or accounting spends answering email inquiries or phone calls about pay, vacation time, or overtime. With an automated system, instead of spending their time on policing attendance, HR administrators can focus on more beneficial efforts.


An automated interface grants employees direct access to their attendance and benefits data. Having direct access to their data improves productivity time for both employees and payroll professionals.


With an automated time management system employees can view:


  • Paycheck details
  • Pay summaries
  • Vacation and benefits
  • Tax withholding information
  • And more


The goal of integrated payroll and time management software is to eliminate the hassles inherent to the payroll process. Software which is designed to provide seamless functionality offers a consistent interface and user experience. When organizations streamline these processes, they can better meet the strategic demands of managing payroll processes, freeing time and resources for other important areas of concern.


When you combine the forces of MenaPay with MenaTA, instantly you’ll reap the rewards of integrating these sophisticated processes. To learn more about how MenaITech’s solutions can improve your organizational HR functions, contact a member of our team.