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Thursday 03 Mar 2016

Everything You Need to Know about HRMS Portal in KSA [Guide]

Today’s HRMS portals do a lot more than just delivering HR information to employees. As a matter of fact, they are essential to provide HR services in an effective manner and keep employees engaged in their work. When used effectively, HRMS portals enable HR to be more strategic and productive when it comes to using limited resources. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about HRMS portals, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding its use:

What is an HRMS Portal?

An HRMS portal is, quite simply, the online destination where all the employees of an organization, regardless of their location, have their HR needs met in one place. Basically, an HRMS Portal in Saudi Arabia will help by reducing the administrative tasks in your organization, making your HR process more efficient and quicker.

The Benefits of Having an HRMS Portal

The most obvious benefit of having a robust HRMS portal is the HR manager will have to receive fewer calls from employees. After all, employees will have all the services and information they need at the tips of their fingers! An HRMS Portal in Saudi Arabia will lead to more satisfied employees, improving the HR department’s level of service and cost of service delivery.

These portals also make it considerably easier for HR to manage content without compromising credibility, quality or publishing frequency. And since they allow the content to be published in real-time, the workforce can be served more easily at a comparatively lower cost, rather than relying on outside vendors or IT experts.

That’s not all, though! HRMS Portal in Saudi Arabia also gives HR professionals a wide range of useful capabilities and tools at their disposal, therefore, enabling them to do their job more effectively and efficiently.

Advantages of Managing Benefits through HRMS Portal

Benefit management is an integral HR function. After all, without it, employees would feel de-motivated and neglected. HRMS benefit management technology is slowly growing in popularity. Here are some advantages of managing benefits via HRMS Portal:

  • Timely Communication

For optimal benefit management, it is imperative employers inform employees about their choices and options. Employers and managers usually inform employees through face-to-face meetings or emails but over the last few years, companies are increasingly using HRMS portal as a means of communication.

Employers may upload announcements in the form of clips, recordings or podcasts. To further assist employees, HR professionals can initiate important discussions on forums and online chat rooms to ensure everybody has all the information they need. Not only does HRMS Portal in Riyadh help in improving communication but it also helps employers make better-informed decisions.

  • Coping with Different Generations

Due to technological advancements, companies are now witnessing up to four generations in their workplace, each of which works on their own pace and has their own set of values and demands, particularly when it comes to selecting reward packages. With an increase in the number of generations, the variety of benefits is expanding thanks to flexible HRMS portals. This helps the company cater to the needs of their employees accordingly.

  • Increases Employee Engagement

Appropriately rewarding employees play an integral role in increasing employee engagement. Modern HRMS portals provide employees with features, such as total reward statements, anywhere they want, all thanks to employee self-service. The capability allows employees to have access to important information at their convenience. Employees can easily have access to data via their mobile devices. This reduces processing time while increasing data quality and accuracy.

  • Employee Retention

Employees are more likely to stay in an organization that properly manages benefits. While employees will hardly notice if the benefits are managed well, they will hold resentment if benefits are managed badly. Managing benefits through HRMS Portal in Riyadhplays an important role in employee retention.

  • Legislative Compliance

Maintaining a benefits module ensures proper compliance. Some countries have to follow certain laws when it comes to benefits management. Any organization that fails to abide by these laws is subject to serious penalties for non-compliance. Having a topnotch HRMS portal will prevent your organization from ever getting into trouble with business law.

Should You Build or Buy an HRMS Portal?

Although there are some businesses that have an existing HRMS portal within the organization, the truth is internally built solutions are costly to maintain and often limit access to particular audiences. As a great deal of HR content needs to be available not only to active employees but also retirees, dependents and job candidates, there really isn’t any point of investing your dollars in creating a custom HRMS portal.

Besides, there are far more advanced and cost-effective solutions available on the market, that too, in huge numbers! So, the question should not be whether to buy, but rather what to buy. Ultimately, it’s all about purchasing the right solution, one which can be easily deployed and is flexible for your business’ scale and size.

HRMS Portal Useful Business Management Tools

With technology taking over the world and the business empire, there have been various new innovations entering the market that enable enterprises of all sizes to successfully manage their business operations, while allowing employees to manage their work more efficiently. Unlike other management tools, HRMS Portal in Riyadh enables owners to effectively deliver the latest updates and policies in the best way possible while helping improve business-employee communication. To understand more, let’s take a look at the tools offered by HRMS Portal in Riyadh:

  • Payroll Managing and Tracking

HRMS applications come equipped with a range of useful features that enable HR managers to successfully track employee performance, attendance, and monitor daily work for generating automated salaries. Employees can also access their reports on a daily basis, motivating them to be more productive during work hours. This also helps the HR department in figuring out which employees should receive bonuses at the end of each month for their improved performance in the workplace.

  • Easy Project Management

HRMS applications can enable employees to gain immediate info regarding the projects they are required to do for the day. Assigning work is also easy for managers and assistants, ensuring that all work is completed within deadlines. Employees can also check their monthly salary, leaves status, attendance, and project status for better time and resource management. Any company that adopts HRMS Portal in Riyadh can enjoy instant automation of core function, including assigning of crucial projects. By a few clicks here and there, managers can assign work to employees – to prevent them from sitting idle!

  • Performance and Revenue Tracking

In addition to helping owners gain valuable information regarding the performance of each employee, HRMS Portal in Riyadh also enables you to track overall revenue generated by your company. Of course, not everyone has access to this vital data, except for the owner. However, having set a revenue tracking system is crucial for figuring out the profits and losses endured each month. It also helps your organization in the process of treating huge workforces more correctly and fairly.

Therefore, if you want to benefit from better business management, then there is no better option than investing in HRMS Portal in Riyadh. You can contact MenaITech to receive the best HR Management Solutions in the MENA Region.