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Monday 11 Jul 2016

Migration to HR System for Improving Employee Retention

There is no way your business will want to lose your top employees. However, sometimes, it is just a matter of a better offer from a rival to lead your best employee jumping ship and you are left with a huge gap to fill. This cannot only affect productivity but also impair the growth of your business. However, there is an effective way to improve employee retention: investing in MenaITech’s HR System in Riyadh. There are a number of features in the HR solution which can enable you to retain the best employees of your business for the longest time possible.

  • Managing Workload

One of the most common reasons why employees quit is that they feel overworked and not being appreciated enough by their employers. Using the HR system, you can ensure the workload of each employee is managed properly and none of them have to work more hours than is required. Research shows that working more than 50 hours a week can lead to a decline in productivity and eventually sapping employee morale. Use the HR System in Riyadh to make sure your employees’ workload is managed and they don’t feel like quitting.

  • Rewarding Employees

As mentioned, employees who feel they are not adequately rewarded for their efforts are likely to quit. Using the HR solution, you can ensure the performance of each employee is tracked accurately. You can use the solution to implement a comprehensive employee appraisal system, ensuring that each outstanding employee is rewarded without any oversight.

  • Training and Advancing

Providing on-the-job training and helping employees’ hone their skills is the key to successful retention. Offer employees the chance to upgrade their skills so they can capitalize on promotion opportunities and have adequate room for growth in their jobs.

  • Communicating Effectively

Using the HR System in Riyadh, you can communicate effectively with your employees. Sometimes, employees feel the top management is not communicating with them and that all decisions are made without considering their viewpoints. You can use the HR system as a platform for sharing messages and also allowing employees to share their feedback. This way, you can facilitate two-way communication and improve employee morale.

Important Steps for Preparing Data Migration to HR System

Switching to a new HR system may seem like a daunting task, especially when you have to transfer all your old data. Remember, HR system in Riyadh is only as good as the data it contains. Businesses can invest in the most advanced features in the world but all that would go in vain if the HR data were inaccurate. If you are purchasing a new HR system, here are a few crucial steps that will help you transfer HR data:

  • Plan the Process

Successful implementation process is only possible if you have a plan. No aspect of the implementation process should be conducted on impulse, especially data-related activities. Consider hiring the help of a professional who will guide your organization through the entire implementation process. It is imperative you set out individual steps and then allot people to carry out those tasks. Data migration can take a couple of weeks hence do not underestimate the time required needed for data migration.

  • Discard Outdated HR Data

No matter how accurate you think your current database is, it is imperative you conduct an inspection and review all the current entries. Getting rid of outdated data will help you generate better time and attendance records, devise advanced succession planning and talent management. After reviewing the data, identify the gaps in your current HR database and fill them. Additionally, double-check accuracy by asking your employees to review and update their personal information. This increases employee involvement in the project.

  • Run a Pre-migration Test

Before you undertake some serious measures and entrust your HR data to its brand new home, consider test running the processes by either imputing a selection of real records or dummy data. This will help you check the efficiency of HR system in Riyadh.

  • Migrate the Data

Fortunately, your vendor will provide you guidance regarding this process. Ask them to give you step by step instructions on how to transfer HR data in the new system.

  • Test it

Now that all the records have been entered, it is imperative you finally test the system. Ensure that the system is functional before running a series of rigorous tests. Make sure you compare the system’s performance against the legacy HRMS. Testing the system will help you identify any hardware and software mishaps before you actually go live. Before long, you will see the improved performance you were expecting from the advanced system. This step plays an integral role in HR evaluation and presents important indicators of ROI levels.

Do you plan on implementing a new HR System in Riyadh? If yes, do not hesitate in contacting MenaITech, a renowned company that provides amazing HR management solutions.