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Saturday 26 Mar 2016

How Businesses Approach HR Solutions in Dubai

The world is operating at lightning speed and the advancing technology has revolutionized the business world. Everything’s going digital and even business functions are now completely digitalized. The trend of B2B software has shown tremendous success. More than that is the fact that 1 in 3 businesses that purchase HR Software in Dubai don’t even demo the solution beforehand!

There has been an industry study that surveyed the worldwide market for business professionals who bought business solutions. It’s good to see that businesses are now more tech savvy and are using business solutions to become more competitive in their respective studies. Here’s how businesses are approaching HR solutions.

Software Is Selected In Groups

When businesses purchase software solutions, such as an HR Solution in Dubai, it usually involves 3 or more people. The decision of the software purchase depends on this small software selection committee and they don’t spend a lot of time researching and deliberating before landing on a decision for software purchase.

Software Buyers Fail To Compare

As said before, 1 in 3 businesses don’t even see a demo of the software they purchase. The study found that even though businesses have all the available resources to research and compare the product, they choose to shortcut the process. It takes businesses a few months or even years to realize the business solution they purchased doesn’t fulfill their needs.

Software Is Confusing

Out of the entire process of software purchasing, buyers were more confused about which software would meet their business requirements. Instead of reaching out to a professional who would know more about software business solutions, these businesses rely on colleagues and peers for recommendations. Only a small percentage actually approached a professional company to learn about what their business needs.

Software Buyers Care about Form and Function

Almost all businesses look for one feature that’s most important to them: ease of use. Almost 90% of people said ease of use and functionality is the most important factor that affects their purchase decision, while 85% of people said that obtaining technical support was an important consideration as well.

Software Gets Old Fast

Most buyers were purchasing a new business solution because their older one was out of date. However, after making their purchase, 77% of the business felt confident about their selection and felt positive about what that business solution could do for their business.

Many businesses are unsure of the type of software they need. For example, if you require HR Solution in Dubai to streamline your HR function, how would you go about making your purchase decision? Will you rely on colleagues’ recommendations or will you contact a professional in the field to make a more informed decision? Will you opt for something that’s easy to use or will you opt for something that meets the needs of your business?

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