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Saturday 15 Sep 2018

HR Software for Training and Development

Regardless of the size of your company, every organisation has a well-defined process for training its employees. From mentoring and onsite classroom hours to self-paced modules, HR software is designed to enhance and streamline your training program.

As a company expands to include dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees, it’s crucial that training procedures become formalized, consistent, tracked and monitored.


What is Human Resource Training Software?

HR software is designed specifically for HR departments to improve efficiency in addition to employee and managerial productivity. Our full-suite system covers all core HR functions and extends to training and development and beyond.

Additionally, our HR training software helps managers establish clear expectations for their employees and empower employees with the tools they need to fulfill those expectations. When training modules and subject matter are directly tied to job performance and organizational goals, employers can ensure goals are visible across their entire company.


Seamlessly Update Training and Development Programs

HR training software is ideal for companies as they grow and expand. Our software ensures all training is achieved in a timely and efficient manner across an entire organization. HR software helps to break down training programs into distinct sections or modules, which will identify skills and development with varied levels of training. Not only can you seamlessly update and add new modules to reflect company changes,  you can also archive previous modules for future reference. Additionally, managers can grant access to training materials based on their desired requirements (ie., position, previously performed modules, seniority, etc.).


Track Training Progress

HR training software allows managers to automatically track employee progress to ensure employees are meeting all training requirements. Training software also allows managers to track the amount of time required to complete each module, and to send alerts if any metric falls outside of your predetermined range. At any time managers can print daily, weekly, or monthly reports for their records.

With HR software, managers can develop a companywide schedule for training programs, as well as varied levels of training tailored to employee skills and developmental needs. Additionally, HR training software can help managers schedule, deliver, track and evaluate an employee’s progress through these modules.


Empower Employees with Flexibility and Instant Access

HR training software allows employees to complete their required training courses online in a manner that fits into their busy schedule. Rather than setting a specific day, time, and location associated with onsite training programs, innovative software solutions allow your employees to meet their requirements from any location, at any time.  Additionally, having instant mobile access to training programs empowers employees to take charge of their own future, while simultaneously making them responsible for their professional development.


MenaITech HR Software Solutions

At the heart of organisational culture is a dedication to empowering employees to reach their full potential. HR software, such as MenaHR®, empowers managers and employees with the tools they need to successfully develop, implement, and track employee training and development programs.

With the optimal HR training suite, you can develop your employees in the best possible way, gaining a complete picture of employee skills, qualifications. Moreover, you’ll be able to track their progress in the context of current and future requirements.

  • Centralize training information
  • Gain a more complete picture of employee skills
  • Identify employee skills and developmental needs
  • Establish and develop training programs
  • Ensure training programs are consistent across your organization and more


If you’re interested in learning more about how MenaITech’s software can help streamline your HR procedures, contact a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.