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Tuesday 01 Mar 2016

Top Benefits of HR Management in UAE

There have been massive changes regarding the maneuvers espoused in managing people in the last few decades. There were strict limitations in everything, it seemed; Limited opportunities, limited growth, limited economy, and limited functionality in companies still relying on manual work. However, the mindsets have altered along with the changing times, and huge enterprises came to grips with the fact that investing in human resources reaped long term benefits.

The focus of HR Management in the UAE shifted to dealing with employees and how to take decisions to affect their productivity. HR Management in UAE is responsible for building an organizational culture, building teams in an enterprise, and helping people in development and engagement. Here’s how HRM contributes to a business:
1)       HR Management In UAE Aids In Training And Hiring The Employees
Perhaps the biggest responsibility of an HR department is manpower planning. HR managers are responsible for formulating hiring strategies to introduce the right kind of employees in the company. They prepare the job descriptions of new hires according to their roles in the company and their achievements. Once the hiring step is done with, they plan for the new hire’s induction with a well thought out development and training plan for them.
2)      HRM Is Responsible For the Performance Management System
HR department is also involved in motivating people to do their best and excel in their roles. First, they start off by defining an employee’s roles. From time to time, they employ an efficient feedback mechanism to help the employees enhance their skills and make amends on their drawbacks. This helps in alignment of an employee’s personal aspirations with the overall goals of the organization. A responsive performance management system helps in rewarding and recognizing people’s performance.
3)       HR Helps in Fostering Values and Culture within the Organization
Most often, the performance of an employee is highly dependent on the work culture or atmosphere prevalent within an enterprise. Fostering a conducting work environment is another responsibility of the HR department and reduces the turnover rate. A positive, clean, and encouraging culture helps bring out the best in an employee and gleans content, happy employees.
4)      HR Is Responsible For Conflict Management
On many occasions, disputes and disagreements break out between an employer and his employees. While conflicts cannot be avoided altogether, HR department can try to manage them. The role of an HR department is to act as a mediator and a counselor to sort out the issues in the best manner. Timely action is needed before the things get out of action.
5)       HR Helps Develop Good Relations
HR is responsible for establishing cordial relations within the organization. Not only are they responsible for holding official gatherings, seminars, and meetings on account of the management, but are also helpful in marketing plans for the organization and drafting business.

Thus, one can safely assume that a functional and viable HR department is indispensable for managing and building an organization. Therefore, companies all over UAE must lay a greater emphasis on nurturing an effective and strong human resource department if they want to garner the best out of employees.