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Friday 20 May 2016

Benefits of HR Application in Kuwait for Small Businesses

The employees of your company are a critical component because they make up the foundation of your business processes. This is why it’s important to successfully manage human resource, even if you are a small business. Employee management becomes even more important if you are part of the service industry because employees are a critical component of the delivery of your product or service.

How to Improve HR Management?

Your business will experience many problems if your employees have low productivity, poor commitment and lack of loyalty towards the company. So, here’s how you can improve human resource management with an HR application in Kuwait.

  • Following Rules and Regulations

A common error small businesses make is they are lax on rules and regulations. On the surface, it may seem that you are increasing employee satisfaction with lax policies but in reality, the lack of rules and regulations can result in unfair employee treatment. With the help of an HR application in Kuwait, you can ensure your business is compliant with all rules and regulations, especially the ones that affect employee relationships, such as hiring, safety, benefits and termination.

  • Effective Hiring Practices

The best way to ensure high employee performance and loyalty is by hiring the right person in the first place. Hiring someone who has the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities is a tough call, plus you want them to be highly committed to their job as well. An HR application can be helpful in effective hiring practices because the automation of the HR processes minimizes the odds of a bad hire. This way, the HR personnel can focus on narrowing down candidates with the right skill set and you can focus on finding candidates that would be most suited with the cultureof the organization.

  • Benefit Administration

As a small business, you may not be offering many benefits to your employees but that does not mean there is no administration involved. An HR application can help you decide which benefits should be provided to your employees that will prove cost-effective. Not only will you have an easier time managing those benefits with an HR application but it will also minimize the risk of human error. With an HR application in Kuwait, your business can essentially stay in tune with employees and the benefits they value the most.

  • Training and Development

Another factor that small businesses struggle with is training and development. In fact, employee training is more critical for small businesses because it has a small staff, which means each employee is responsible for many tasks. For that reason, cross-training employees is important so they can cover more than one job function. The benefit of an HR application is that not only will you able to effectively train your employees, but will be doing so at a low cost too.

  • Tracking and Speeding Up Employee Policy Acceptances

Updating company policy and acquiring employee acceptance records can be a time-consuming task for the HR department – it can literally take months to ensure each employee has read and understood the changes! However, by going mobile HR managers will be able to easily push notifications to the mobile phones of all employees, and monitor the results until completion. Adding SMS messaging and push-notifications into your mobile HR application in Kuwait would provide a simple means for the HR department to complete the process of policy acceptance in a matter of days.

  • Increasing ROI of Backend Systems

Complex backend processes can easily be embraced with a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface. Moving your HR processes to mobile will not only increase the efficiency of your backend systems, but also bring your business a greater ROI as those systems would function as they are intended to, with an increased adoption rate among your employees. This means that employees can submit their requests to the HR department remotely, even if they are in a different country, and monitor its status in real-time.

  • Enhancing Workflow Efficiency with Reminders and Push Notifications

As far as workflow efficiency is concerned, a mobile HR application in Kuwait can improve both reliability and productivity by integrating reminders and notifications into time sheet and scheduling management.  HR managers will have the ability to review time sheets and approve them immediately, streamlining the workflow as they would not have to move to an employee’s workstation to complete certain tasks. By going mobile, time management and work schedules can facilitate simple and intuitive workflows that require a simple tap on the screen to complete.

  • Efficiently Managing Time and Expense in the Field

Taking your time and expense management to mobile can bolster productivity of your HR department, as it helps to eliminate time-consuming processes and human errors, bringing you efficient and accurate time and expense reporting. Employees can report acquisition requests and expenses from the field and get immediate approval from their managers. Going mobile not only speeds up review and approval for timesheets, expenses and acquisitions, but also ensures accurate data entry thanks to quick and efficient workflows that track all aspects of expense and time management.

As you can see, having a mobile HR application can upgrade workflows and bring a new wave of functionality unlike ever before. They provide features such as one-click language translation, real-time collaboration, GPS location mapping and more, making HR mobile-apps a must-have for all businesses, regardless of their industry!