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Tuesday 26 Sep 2017

Performance Appraisal Software Tips

There’s no doubt that performance appraisal software can make evaluation and assessment of employee productivity even more efficient. However, before you buy any product or acquire a SaaS module, it is imperative to know about the details and features. At the same time, you need to assess your needs to determine what kind of appraisal software will suit your business. Buying a system with lots of bells and whistles that you don’t need will only make it tougher for you to assess your performance goals. So, without further ado, look at these tips below:

Key Goals of Businesses for Performance Appraisal

Here are some essential goals that your business should be able to see benefits in upon acquiring reliable and easy-to-understand HR performance evaluation software:

  • Improvement in the retention and hiring processes of employees and better reporting of historical performance evaluations for accurate assessment of increments and career growth opportunities for employees.
  • Identifying the departments/divisions/groups-and specific employees who are underperforming. At the same time, listing those employees who are known to complete the maximum number of projects with the utmost level of efficiency.
  • In addition to identifying the top performing employees across different departments, the performance appraisal software should provide benefits for the succession, promotion, and advancement of different workers in varied field.
  • Improving the current level of employee performance across the organization by introducing a portal for workers to keep track of their work and look at their goals, while gaining the ability to communicate with HR managers more efficiently.

Type of Software

Before you start looking for suitable performance appraisal software, it is imperative you decide what type you are looking for. You can find custom solution on-premise software that you can configure according to the process you feel is most suitable for your business requirements. This option usually requires a specialized team for the maintenance, repairing, and updating of the software regularly, which adds to the already significant costs.

The second option is to opt for web-based software (SaaS). SaaS enables you to check the data available on the software using any device that you connect to the internet. The data is saved on a secure Access Service, Oracle Server, or SQL Server. Software applications that use a SaaS module tend to be more cost-efficient and reliable. Since the vendor is responsible for maintaining and updating the software, there is less input required by your managers. You also have the option of scaling services according to your needs.

Implementation of Performance Appraisal Software

When you decide on performance appraisal software, you might receive some doubts in feedbacks from employees. It is imperative that you ensure the workforce the implementation of such software is only beneficial for them. Provide them relevant knowledge on how to use the performance appraisal software and what opportunities it can present to them. Some employees may react defensively and feel the software might not be able to create a positive appraisal. Discuss the numerous features to guarantee satisfaction.

You can explain the goals and standards for your employees, and what they have to do for achieving them. Show how setting timelines will make tasks and communication easier between managers, HR personnel and the workers. Performance appraisal software even come with self-service portal that provides all the information they need for tracking number of projects worked and progress towards monthly goal completion.

So, if you want to improve your business performance evaluation processes, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above. Investing in the right technology will not only help you boost employee morale but also make life easier for you, as you can automate certain processes that you previously had to deal with manually.