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Wednesday 17 Feb 2016

Core Elements of Manpower Management in Dubai

Effective manpower management gives a company a clear idea of what their employees actually need to utilize their skills. With the rapid change in technology, it is important for companies to be increasingly concerned about improving staffing activities. Breakthrough efforts are required to ensure a company stays ahead of its competitors and all this is done only when employees feel empowered at the workplace. For effective Manpower Management in Dubai, organizations should use modern technology to ease workflow and boost productivity. Here are some issues an organization should be concerned about:


Organizations should be able to forecast issues related to staffing needs. Whether an employee wishes to make a transfer or wishes to end his contract with the company, the management needs to think about future staffing needs and how they will be met. Here are some fundamental questions that the management should be able to answer:

  • What will the recruitment needs be next year and the year after that?
  • How will an employee be replaced?
  • How will the company influence movement within an organization in case of a promotion, transfer or redeployment?

Talent Utilization

Employees feel satisfied when they are able to utilize the skills they spent years finessing. Companies should be able to project future availability of talent and forecast changes in talent supply losses resulting from availability changes or from turnover. Unfortunately, only few companies take the time to carry out analysis and use the results to project future staffing needs. It is thus imperative that managers use advanced tools and technologies to forecast staffing needs.

Staff Utilization

The use of advanced technologies and systems reduces the need for hiring multiple employees to complete a single task. The number of people on the payroll does not reflect the capabilities or the success of the company to achieve business objectives. To reduce staffing requirements, work activities need to be properly planned, realigned and streamlined for improved Manpower Management in Dubai. Some questions that organizations should be able to answer are:

  • Which activities can be automated, outsourced or eliminated with the use of advanced and inexpensive tools?
  • What skills need to be utilized to increase productivity and improve staff utilization?
  • How can work be performed at a lower cost?

As organizations are more flexible, managers are tempted not to plan for staffing at all. Outsourcing services can thus make Manpower Management in Dubai far easier for employers and managers to deal with rapidly changing conditions. Careful analysis and planning of future staffing are just among the few things that every organization needs to be concerned about. You can further ease this process by investing in software for manpower management.