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Wednesday 21 Apr 2021

5 Must-Have Workforce Analytics Reports for Your HR Dashboard

94 percent of professionals surveyed in 2020 say that analytics, including HR metrics, are key for business growth. However, managing your data to support everyone in your organization and their needs can prove challenging.

Human Capital Analytics dashboards allow business owners, HR managers, and analysts to provide a centralized view of the most essential workforce metrics. What you feature in your HR dashboard will not only provide an overview of key metrics but also connects your employees to tangible and thoughtful organizational data and trends.

But which reports should you feature on your dashboard? The experts at MenaITech are here to provide some insight on the top HR reports to include on your dashboard.



Regardless of your industry, compliance is essential to any business. Your dashboard should feature comprehensive compliance reports, including the severity of violations and number of violations, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) on promotions and hiring.

Featuring compliance data on your dashboard will help your company to cohesively compare your data, transfer data into information, as well as compare trending and grouped together compliance metrics. Perhaps most importantly, a compliance dashboard can help you identify risks or areas of concern in your compliance program.


Hiring Workflow

Making sense of all your recruitment data can prove challenging for any recruiter. A hiring workflow report can provide valuable insights into your HR workflow and processes. Your hiring workflow should include:

  • How many active hires are currently onboarding into your organization
  • How quickly applicants move from ‘application’ to ‘position filled’
  • How and whether or not applicants move through each stage of their application process


Source vs. Quality of Hire

Whether you want to start a new hiring phase or simply want to understand where your top talent is coming from, a source vs. quality of hire report is essential to understanding how and where you find your best team members. We suggest organizing your data in a manner that allows you to view sources such as referrals, job boards, recruiters, and more. Be sure to consider where your past hires were sourced, who was involved in their hiring process, and what positions applicants were hired for, and compare this data to your quality of hire.


Process Tracking

As we all know, time is money. Understanding how long your HR processes take is vital to the success of your company. For example, how long does your HR team spend on interviewing vs. onboarding? How long does it take to mitigate a complaint once it is opened? The time your HR team spends managing their various processes is a vital KPI on the functionality of your HR department. When featuring your process tracking on your HR dashboard, be sure to track the start and end dates for projects, recruitment, onboarding, and managing complaints (to name a few).


Employee Information

Reports on your employee metrics provides your employees, managers, and stakeholders with tangible data as to how well individuals are performing. Not only does this help to identify your top performers, but it also helps to identify those employees who may require additional training, mentoring, or development. Additionally, employee information can show how well your business is supporting its employees.

Employee information reports can track the following KPIs:

  • Usage of time off or sick leave
  • Usage of benefits
  • Use of training resources
  • Evaluation scores and reports
  • Employee engagement (such as number of logins on the company intranet)
  • Turnover rates
  • And more…


HR Dashboards are powerful tools for day-to-day workforce management. They provide easy access to essential data and also streamline the process of hiring and onboarding employees.

While you can adjust the various reports featured on your HR dashboard, we recommend sticking with the above-featured reports to provide a wide snapshot of the organizational trends impacting your organizational success.

At MenaITech, we offer our clients complete end-to-end human capital information technology solutions and services, including payroll and personnel management, HR dashboards, data and analytics, time and attendance, and many other services through web-based, mobile, and cloud technology.


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