Service Desk Management System

Service Desk Management System

Businesses need their operations to be carried out fluidly and accurately, which is why MenaTracks®, our ITIL®-certified service desk management system, provides customers with efficient and speedy responses to any type of request and inquiry that might be causing obstacles in customer satisfaction, ranging from common problems to more complex issues. MenaTracks® is a customer-centric system that will support clients with any requests, incidents, and issues that need resolving to ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Keeping Track with MenaTracks®

In many organizations, service desk management is confused with help desk management. MenaTracks® combines the two services into one, focusing on resolving issues from a technical standpoint, as well as focusing on customer satisfaction through delivering the services they need in a timely manner.

Customizable System to Help Any Department Enhance Customer Relations

MenaTracks®, the first Arabic cloud-based service desk management system, is a fully customizable multi-language system, allowing you to choose English or Arabic to carry out operations. Because it can store such a vast amount of data, and is a rich, knowledge-based system, it serves as a central reference point that contains every detail your organization may need to make addressing incidents and issues a smoother and faster process. Automated templates for sending pre-made messages or the change request option that allows you to change certain options such as metrics of an appraisal assessment are just some of the options available on the system, ready for instant retrieval and customization, thus saving time and reducing errors, therefore increasing productivity.

All departments in an organization can benefit from MenaTracks®, not just the IT team. From the finance team to HR, our system ensures that all processes can be automated and streamlined in order to fully support customers, whether internal or stakeholder, with their inquiries and requests.


Not only can MenaTracks® be used by IT professionals to solve complex issues, but it can also aid customers who wish to use the system independently. Through step-by-step guides, chatbots and AI that answer inquiries instantly, and auto-reply features that can recognize keywords to draw out the most relevant responses, customers can easily navigate through the system to find accurate answers to a wide range of questions.

Another feature of MenaTracks® is its integration with inquiry forms from clients’ websites. This allows clients to submit their inquiries, questions, and requests from their own websites without having to go onto your platform if they desire, resulting in saved time for clients. In addition, our SMS and email notification system sends out messages in real-time, reaches customers in record-breaking speed, and allows messages to be sent out in bulk.

Numbers in the Palm of Your Hand

MenaTracks® is equipped with dashboards that display valuable data insights that help managers make intuitive and strategic decisions, giving them the control they need to increase quality and develop a clear roadmap for the future. Combined with our survey management system, customer satisfaction results can be measured and displayed, presenting important details and helping formulate plans on how to improve customer relations.

It is often difficult to measure or determine the service level agreements (SLAs) that you have set up with other organizations. With MenaTracks®, manage all SLAs to keep track of agreements and ticket priorities, and make sure both parties know each other’s expectations. By having all your numbers in once centralized place, you can determine which issues are reoccurring, which problems can be solved more quickly, and how to break complex SLAs into more manageable chunks.

Integrated with the Latest

MenaTracks® is integrated with the latest trends in technology, including VOIP, GPS, Apps by Google, and social media integration. Because the system is integrated with the latest technologies, it allows employees to keep in contact with customers, increase positive interactions that boost customer relations, and keep clients updated with the most recent changes. In a world where everyone is connected, it is crucial to harness the power of digital interaction; in this way, your organization will be the first point of contact whenever clients face an issue, and social media can be used to monitor how long it takes for an issue to be addressed and resolved.

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What you need to know!
How can MenaTracks<sup>®</sup> help me stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in technology?

How can MenaTracks® help me stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in technology?

MenaTracks® is integrated with various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This way, it allows customers with easy access to submit any issues or inquiries they might have through platforms they are already used to using, which saves more time. Additionally, organizations can benefit from social media platforms like Twitter to read what customers and clients say, as a way of receiving feedback and answering inquiries through the web. Chatrooms and forums are other ways we like to keep in touch with customers, which is why our system supports a wide range of communication channels.

What types of packages do you offer?

What types of packages do you offer?

We offer two packages: the first is the enterprise version, and the other is the lite version, which is cloud-based.

How can this system be used as a CRM?

How can this system be used as a CRM?

Our system can be integrated with MenaCRM® especially during the after sales processes, one of the most crucial parts of the CRM life cycle. It helps you to easily manage and keep track of customer interactions. You can discover which sales are the most popular among clients, which helps in generating more effective marketing campaigns. You can also discover any issues customers may be having, serving as a means of smooth and fast communication.

Is MenaTracks<sup>®</sup> certified?

Is MenaTracks® certified?

Yes, we are holders of the ITIL® version 3 certification.