Time Attendance Solution

Time Attendance Solution

Punctuality is the key to productivity; punctual employees arrive on time, ready to get the day started, and are already on the way to completing their tasks. This can be achieved with MenaTA®, a comprehensive time and attendance solution that can operate via online requests based on location and, based on your preferences, using the device of your choice. It provides you with the tools you need to produce detailed schedules based on the different types of shifts to effectively manage your team’s time and attendance. Data can then be analyzed and absenteeism rates are compared with attendance; based on the results and your organization’s regulations, the system will generate transactions relating to leaves, vacations, overtimes, absences and other requests. With the combined efforts of HR professionals who are responsible for monitoring and following up with time and attendance, and employees who are responsible for submitting requests such as clocking in and clocking out, both will know the value and importance of time; thus, our system produces schedules and rosters with attendance requests and tasks that are organized down to the minute.

Timely and Accurate

With MenaTA®, HR professionals are no longer preoccupied with the day-to-day tasks of keeping track of employee’s clocking in, when they request for leaves and vacations, and when they have clocked out. Our system is a flexible, cloud-based tool with real-time updates at a central collection point that automates the processing of employee time and attendance, streamlining the process of managing and tracking employee time with ease and accuracy.

This means that errors are reduced when it comes to calculating overtime, leaves and other transactions, and the HR team can focus on other crucial tasks because of the superior record-keeping properties of the system. The system also ensures compliance with the country’s rules and regulations, keeping in line with any changing laws regarding time and attendance, leaves, and permitted vacation days for each employee, thus reducing payroll errors.

Tailored to Your Needs

MenaTA® is not a typical time and attendance management system. Not only does it allow for the real time entry and processing of data for multiple transactions including leaves, vacations, and overtime, but also allows employees to punch in and punch out via their smartphones and view their attendance history. Additionally, the processes are automated according to location; wherever the employee is at the time of clocking in and clocking out, their device will know because it is linked with GPS on Apple and Google maps to monitor their point of entry, and attendance requests can only be accepted and submitted within the set range.

Our system enhances your organization’s processes with its built in workflows for approval cycles and multi-shifts management, providing many different types of shift options based on your organization’s policies, such as flexible, fixed, general, night, evening, and day shifts. In addition, MenaTA® has the option of generating detailed reports on attendance, which can be integrated with MenaHR® and MenaPAY® for optimum data recording and retrieval.

User-Friendly Interface on Any Device

With MenaTA®, employees are able to avoid long wait times by clocking in themselves through the use of their own smartphones. With their handheld devices, our system allows for employee online self-entry. Besides the fact that MenaTA® is entirely compatible and can be easily integrated with any machine type, including biometric thumbprint scanners and iris recognition scanners and much more, our system has always supported the integration of smartphones in time and attendance, which reduces costs of installing and maintaining attendance machines. And since the emergence of COVID-19, the importance of limiting physical contact within the workplace has become crucial, so more organizations are turning to contactless solutions to prevent the spread of disease.

Our system ensures accurate data entry where employees can easily manage their time and attendance as well as providing powerful reporting features to display time and attendance. Our user friendly interface allows for the quick and neat entry of data, including many features that reduce the time needed to process employee’s time and attendance, and options that allow them to automatically calculate total hours worked, including overtimes, leaves, vacations, and holidays. This frees up HR professionals and employees alike, ensuring data entry and calculation is accurate, uploaded on time, and processed automatically.

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What you need to know!
What kinds of devices can I use with MenaTA<sup>®</sup>?

What kinds of devices can I use with MenaTA®?

Here’s the best part: you can use any. MenaTA® is completely compatible with any type of time and attendance machine and hardware, and can be integrated with any type of system. That means you can use any device ranging from biometric fingerprint scanners, biometric iris recognition device, to the device that fits in the palm of your hand—your smart phone. MenaTA® is machine independent, and we’ve made it so to fit your organization’s requirements and regulations.

My organization has many different types of shifts. Does MenaTA<sup>®</sup> support flexible, fixed, and split shifts?

My organization has many different types of shifts. Does MenaTA® support flexible, fixed, and split shifts?

That’s what sets us apart from the rest—we fully support these shift types, always keeping in mind that every organization has its own unique shifts and accompanying policies. With our fixed shift regulations, we provide the general shift schedule of your specified working hours that is applied to your employees within the organization. In addition, we offer flexible shifts with policies that allow employees to complete the required hours at a time most suitable to them within a specified period of time during the day. We also provide split shifts, with regulations that allow employees to work for a particular amount of time, pause work, then return after to complete their remaining working hours.

What is MenaTA<sup>®</sup> online attendance and how can it benefit my organization?

What is MenaTA® online attendance and how can it benefit my organization?

As long as you’re connected to the cloud, and you’re within the range of your organization’s location, you don’t need time and attendance machines to clock in and clock out. Employees can use their smartphones to enter their attendance and keep track of their attendance history. That means you don’t need to install biometric thumbprint scanners and other pricey devices; you also limit physical contact, thus reducing the risk of spreading unwanted germs in the workplace.

Can MenaTA<sup>®</sup> be linked with disciplinary actions such as warning letters and deductions?

Can MenaTA® be linked with disciplinary actions such as warning letters and deductions?

Yes it can! A very useful feature that MenaTA® provides is how it can be linked with disciplinary actions, and how it carries out the necessary proceedings to these actions in accordance to your country’s labor laws and your organization’s policies and protocol. No matter what the attendance violation may be, our system allows you to analyze the data on your employees’ time and attendance, and will sift through the data to retrieve violations on any employee. Through MenaTA®, HR professionals can quickly and easily manage the data, control which actions need to be converted to MenaPAY® to affect salary calculations, and produce warning letters based on this data.

How can I use MenaTA<sup>®</sup> to organize schedules according to shifts?

How can I use MenaTA® to organize schedules according to shifts?

We know that organizations have many different types of shifts, including morning, evening, night, and split shifts. No matter what types of shifts or how many shifts your organization has, we’ve got you covered when it comes to creating effective schedules. MenaTA® helps managers and HR professionals set up weekly and monthly schedules to help keep their employees on task. Through these schedules, managers can directly see employees’ shifts, compare them with other employees and their working hours, and arrange and reschedule as necessary. Once managers have set up the schedules, our system generates a roster of the working hours that will be sent to all members of the team to help HR professionals, managers, and employees keep track of their shifts and working schedules to ensure optimal organization and efficiency.

What time and attendance services related to managers and employees are available on MenaME<sup>®</sup>?

What time and attendance services related to managers and employees are available on MenaME®?

Because MenaTA® is linked with our Employee Self-Service system, MenaME®, managers and employees alike can take control over time and attendance and other services related to MenaTA®. Here, employees can submit forgotten or missed punches. Additionally, both managers and employees can view their attendance history, and as a result, managers can view any transactions that have occurred as a result of attendance, and can convert these transactions to salary calculations on MenaPAY®. Managers can also create schedules relating to employee shifts, as well as producing a roster to automatically analyze, organize, and manage employee shifts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Does MenaTA<sup>®</sup> affect salary calculations?

Does MenaTA® affect salary calculations?

Another great thing about MenaTA® is that it integrates with our payroll system, MenaPAY®. We face many different situations in the workplace on a daily basis; employees can be late, absent, take an early out-leave, and even work overtime, which inevitably affect salary calculations. With MenaTA®, we simplify these payroll processes and make it easier for HR professionals to manage various attendance scenarios. Once employees punch in their attendance and their data becomes available on the system, HR professionals can then analyze and calculate their working hours at the push of a button. Thus, according to their analysis and their organization’s regulations, they are the decision-makers who have the control to determine which data will be converted and processed as payroll transactions on MenaPAY®.

What kind of reporting features are available on MenaTA<sup>®</sup>?

What kind of reporting features are available on MenaTA®?

MenaTA® is here for all your reporting needs. Our comprehensive report options include daily attendance reports, absence reports, split shift reports and more. Each report is customizable to meet your organization’s requirements with multi-functional options for your day-to-day needs.

MenaTA® also displays a user friendly dashboard, guided by visual aids that allow you to view employee overtime, absences, leaves, and more. This helps you keep track of your employees faster with greater accuracy.