360-Degree Evaluation System

360-Degree Evaluation System

From employees to clients to peers to supervisors, all members of the team at all levels can use Mena360® to keep track of productivity and efficiency within their organization. With our complete feedback and evaluation system, our cloud-based assessment solution gives you everything you need to evaluate, improve, and analyze performance to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the organization’s goals.

Continuous Assessment and Evaluation

Our continuous feedback system holistically analyzes various factors that contribute to the building and growth of engaged members, who are made aware of their strengths and weaknesses and trained on how to make the most of their competencies and skills. Through Mena360®, assessment data is cumulated at regular intervals in order to generate and share valuable data to assess employee’s performances and discover areas where they need help in order to enhance their abilities and pave the way for growth and improvement.

The increased transparency of our system provides staff above, staff below, peers, stakeholders, board members, and external members such as customers, vendors, and partners with a multi-rater environment, and thus the opportunity to provide genuine and trustworthy feedback, increasing visibility and engagement among all contributing members. Mena360® shares assessment and evaluation results with the relevant members, stopping conflict at its source, and creating a fertile ground for development, trust, and collaboration.

Detailed Reports and Unlimited Templates

Mena360® provides real-time and scheduled evaluations, with a variety of evaluation templates ready to be accessed and used by anyone within the organization which can even be adjusted to their specific needs and requirements, including a comprehensive inquiry screen, user-defined categories, and a question library with a multi-question format.

Our system is also equipped with comprehensive graphical and analytical report generators, which are crucial to running reports that aid in producing accurate results for decision making. Results are posted online, with continuous follow-up from administrators which facilitate a smooth feedback process.

Your Opinion Matters

With our system, we give organizations a fair and flexible approach when it comes to evaluation; everyone is included in the process because everyone’s opinion and feedback matters. We provide evaluation surveys that can assess and track progress of employees and other key members in the organization to ensure maximum efficiency and help employees stay productive, on-task, and further improve. Mena360® also ensures anonymity, and those accessing the system can rest assured that the feedback they provide is not meant to harm others, but is a tool used to help their team and supporters improve and grow in confidence and skills to produce maximum quality work with optimum efficiency.

The identification of problems is therefore not an obstacle, but a strategy to confront strengths and weaknesses, and with a forward thinking mindset, find solutions for growth.

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What you need to know!
Who can benefit from this system?

Who can benefit from this system?

Everyone! All members of an organization, including employees, managers, and supervisors can use the system for a complete, 360 degree assessment and evaluation system. Mena360® is a platform that allows all members of an organization to give their feedback, providing employees with a space for self-appraisal, as well as peer, subordinate, and manager assessment. External members, such as customers and clients, can use the system as well to provide constructive feedback on their personal experience.

What is the importance of using a 360 feedback system?

What is the importance of using a 360 feedback system?

We’re glad you asked! Mena360® is a comprehensive feedback solution that allows all members of a team to assess and evaluate others’ performance and skills, as well as providing external members with a space for evaluating members of an organization. Our system was not designed with the intent of revenue and bringing about financial gain. Therefore, the purpose is not to subjectively rate team members, but rather used as a tool for the development of individuals within the organization. How they deal with superiors, clients, peers and subordinates, becoming aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and whether or not they are on the right track of unlocking their full potential; these are all factors that can be assessed, evaluated, and improved with our system.

How does rating happen on Mena360<sup>®</sup>?

How does rating happen on Mena360®?

We always like to think of rating as a developmental tool; feedback is provided in the form of number scores to facilitate the rating process, with specific categories such as performance, relationship, and self-appraisal scales. We provide you with a variety of templates that allow members of the team, as well as clients, to provide constructive criticism. Our fully automated system can be customized to your needs, including the scales and categories best fitting for your organization, with a wide range of rating scales and formats.

How can I know that an evaluation on Mena360<sup>®</sup> has occurred?

How can I know that an evaluation on Mena360® has occurred?

Because data is being gathered from so many different sources within the organization, we want to ensure that it will be displayed accurately and comprehensively, which is why our system produces powerful reports based on the analytics gathered from the data. These are displayed in graphical and colored form, to provide user-friendly presentation and present insights that can benefit all members of an organization.

You will be notified of any assessments and evaluations automatically because of our real-time response system. Mena360® includes an icon that allows you to view notifications in the order of oldest to the most recent, keeping track of exactly when certain activities were carried out, such as feedback and ratings. Other features on the navigation bar include counter screens, and reminders to ensure you stay on task and stick to your schedule when accessing your account.