Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

MenaCRM®, the first Arabic cloud-based customer relationship management system, helps you keep track of all interactions in your organization by providing a complete view of customers, competitors, and leads. Anything from managing external interactions to storing customer contact information to finding new customers and gaining their partnerships, our system will help you drive growth by using the numbers to increase productivity and profit throughout the entire customer life cycle. With our CRM, sales processes are now streamlined and the organization can direct its attention to strengthening customer relationships, gaining new customers, and providing top-of-the-line support, products, and services.

A CRM with Everything You Need

MenaCRM® is a user-friendly, fully-equipped tool that consists of three crucial stages which include the pre-sales, after-sales, and marketing campaign that completely cover all aspects of the sales life cycle and helps keep your organization customer-centric. Ranging from the sales department all the way to customer service, our CRM helps each department establish and build stronger customer interactions and partnerships and identify issues before they escalate.


This is the stage where you lay the groundwork. MenaCRM® provides you with the tools you need to maintain prospects’ vital contact information, establish logical product pricing, decide which discount packages to present to specific companies, and manage targets and activities that need to be achieved.

Lead and Opportunity and Sales Management

The Lead and Opportunity Management function helps track and manage potential customers and accurately store their contact information without losing important data while following up on prospective sales. When creating new relationships with leads, their complete contact information such as emails, phone numbers, and histories are stored and maintained here. And through the Leads and Opportunity Dashboard, the highest-value leads can be identified as well as which stage a lead has reached in the sales pipeline. Our CRM also helps you develop your sales force with our Sales Management feature, which provides an overview of your sales strategy. This helps ensure that leads do not fall through the cracks—sending repetitive emails without productive follow-up and contacting leads based on guesswork instead of those who have the highest value can be detrimental to an organization.

Sales Automation

Other solutions include the Sales Automation feature, which mechanizes manual tasks, allowing representatives to connect with customers and effectively sell products without wasting time on unorganized data. Other previously time-consuming tasks such as emailing every lead is now automated through the email template feature; organizations can create a master email template that can be sent to prospects, saving time in rewriting the same repetitive sentences.

Time and Task Management, Target Management and Group Collaboration

Every minute counts, which is why our CRM ensures the prompt and timely management of meetings, and keeping track of sales, calls, emails, and events, which are all displayed in the Time and Task Management Dashboard and Calendar. Repetitive data is no longer an issue because our centralized data storage and its built-in filters allows you to easily retrieve data and reduce the time taken to find it. Our Target Management solution allows managers to set specific targets or activities they need their employees to reach during a certain period of time. The targets can be anything from physical products that need to be sold to a number of phone calls that need to be made. MenaCRM® also offers a Communication and Group Collaboration feature, which keeps your team informed about all real-time sales updates, and allows them to access the platform anytime, anywhere to share analytical reports and valuable insights they have compiled.

After Sales

Some may think that once a deal is closed, all types of contact with the customer will end. But this stage of the sales life cycle is one of the most crucial points that will solidify your relationship with the customer, allowing you to gain new partnerships and become a well-known name among other businesses who are looking for your services—all because you took the time to ensure that customers were satisfied and you followed up with any support or training needs they required.

Service and Support

Because our aim is to assist organizations in acquiring and retaining customers, our Service and Support feature provides leads with the communication channel of their choice, whether through phone, email, chatting, or social media, for the complete support of their queries and requests, anytime, anywhere. This increases communication between leads and sales representatives, which brings about better service and understanding issues that customers are facing. This also brings about the ability to deal with any recurring problems, thus reducing the time taken to fix the problem should it reappear in the future. We provide a complete customer satisfaction solution, MenaTracks®, that gives you all the tools you need to keep your customers satisfied and always in the loop, as well as helping you gain new customers and providing them with training and other types of support.

Marketing Campaign

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Through retrieving customer data from our extensive database, and by viewing their history of purchases and inquiries, and finally choosing the most suitable time for pitching your idea, you can determine what other related products customers would be interested in purchasing or would have eventually needed. Or through upselling, you will be able to sell even higher-end products by helping customers visualize how a different but more specific product would better satisfy their needs.

Reporting and Statistics

Our reporting feature gives a complete overview of what is happening in your organization in real-time; how sales are being managed, which leads show the most potential, how close employees are to meeting targets, and much more. Through our dashboard, valuable insights and analytics are created to assist in strategic decision making. This helps determine strengths and weaknesses, and how to encourage your employees to continue to improve, providing leads and customers with the best services.

How Can MenaCRM® Increase Profit and Productivity?

With MenaCRM®, not only will you know your customers better, but you will also be able to build stronger, long-lasting relationships that will guarantee their partnership for the long run. Our tool helps realize the purpose of building relationships; it is to bridge the gap between your services and the potential or existing customer. Once this bridge has been carefully constructed, it helps maximize sales efficiency while staying up-to-date with every inquiry, meeting, appointment, and email, thus close sales faster. By tracking interactions such as emails, appointments, and meetings, you will be able to take hold of leads and nurture them before they slip away. All leads data will be in one centralized system, meaning all contact information and customer interactions will be neatly managed and organized, without the fear of important data being lost in emails or on a sticky note. Additionally, the system complies with data privacy requirements, keeping all information private and confidential depending on who you choose to share it with. With our CRM, you can customize and personalize emails, letters, documents and more by adding your own personal touch to the templates you have created. You don’t need to regularly type repetitive messages, but can still be individualized for a specific lead to personalize the interaction without sounding like a robot.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Any CRM can help organize and manage information when there is too much of it and help organizations put this data in the right place, keep track of leads and determine which sales need to be prioritized, and help you stay on track of meetings and appointments, but this is where the similarities end, because MenaCRM® provides all of this and more. MenaCRM® is the first bilingual cloud-based customer relationship management system that offers customer relationship services in both English and Arabic, thus reaching a wider audience all throughout the MENA region and even abroad. Depending on the different countries that our system caters to and their varying policies, our system allows you to create customizable discounts that apply to each individual country, including details such as the discount type, redemption type, and expiration date. Through the discount management feature, organizations can keep track of the discounts and their details, manage who they have been offered to and why, resulting in a sales boost. Our system helps you know how your business is growing and the areas it needs to improve. Less time is wasted since customers do not need to repeat themselves time and time again because emails and appointments are organized to ensure employees are always in the know of every ongoing activity.

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What you need to know!
What are the advanced features available on MenaCRM<sup>®</sup>?

What are the advanced features available on MenaCRM®?

We know that connecting with clients is one of the most important aspects of a CRM; if there is no communication, how else would an organization be able to promote customer satisfaction? That is why we let IT technicians and other departments connect with clients, keeping them aware of their requests and inquiries, updating them on new features and changes, and always keeping in line with their expectations.

Another feature we offer is our price list management feature, providing you with multiple strategies when it comes to putting a price on your products, giving you control when determining the value of items. It allows you to set up different price lists for each prospective customer or existing customer, update pricing quickly and accurately for a large number of clients, view historical pricing, and even automatically change prices based on who the customer is, the availability of the product and many more options.

The proposal builder feature is a powerful tool that helps you close more deals faster. By choosing one of our pre-made templates, you can customize the proposal to your organization’s requirements. You can also include sections from existing templates to include in your proposal, as well as rearrange text boxes and images to design an engaging form. After you have generated the proposal, it goes through approval cycles to make sure it is in line with customer’s expectations, will receive valuable insights by accurately reading a customer’s mind, as well as automating processes of collaboration and review.

Can you explain the customer’s journey; what is the cycle that customers go through from beginning to end while using MenaCRM<sup>®</sup>?

Can you explain the customer’s journey; what is the cycle that customers go through from beginning to end while using MenaCRM®?

The customer journey in its entirety is covered by MenaCRM®, guiding you every step of the way to build and maintain strong relations with your clients. From the moment a customer makes their first phone call, to storing a prospect’s information, to identifying and following up on highest-value leads, to creating proposals, to providing training and support to customers, to closing negotiations and more.

We’re proud to say that the entire customer life cycle is covered, and while there are certain elements that end after the cycle is over, MenaCRM® keeps you in contact with your customers to continue developing and maintaining long-lasting partnerships.

What kinds of reports or insights can the system generate, and how can these reports help me?

What kinds of reports or insights can the system generate, and how can these reports help me?

MenaCRM® is equipped with a powerful reporting engine that can extract data from any part of the customer life cycle. This data can be displayed in the form of statistics, graphs, or even in report tables, all of which present the numbers you need to make strategic decisions and identify areas of improvement. For example, a report based on the data you have about leads in your organization can show how many leads are active, the value of each lead, and the state of each deal, among many other factors. This helps you stay on top of the progress of each process, determining what needs to be pursued and what needs to be put on hold, and how to improve processes further.

Is MenaCRM<sup>®</sup> supported over the cloud?

Is MenaCRM® supported over the cloud?

Definitely! MenaCRM® is a cloud-based system that provides both English and Arabic customer relationship services.

Why should I use the marketing campaign generator offered by the system instead of using one offered by a third party?

Why should I use the marketing campaign generator offered by the system instead of using one offered by a third party?

MenaCRM® provides you with every tool you need to make managing customer relations a smooth and accurate process, and our embedded marketing campaign generator is no exception. Our campaign generator helps you keep track of customers while directly running your campaigns from our CRM.

MenaCRM® helps you throughout every stage of the campaign cycle: in the beginning stages, it provides a means for customers to register with their contact information. It can also send you updates in the form of messages to remind you and customers of deadlines and dates. It is integrated with your leads data, meaning that you can see the exact sales and opportunities, how often customers have opened or accessed the campaign, and notifies you of any marketing activity. Because it is automated, it helps you monitor leads, and through the reporting and statistics feature, allows you to keep track of your ROI, how many deals have been closed, and how many potential leads are on the way.