MenaHRMS Services

It’s not every day you find a cloud-based HRMS, complete with ESS, MSS, payroll and HR functions all on one platform, specifically dedicated to SMEs who have a tight IT budget but still need an effective combination of those features. This is why we created MenaLite®, the first Arabic Lite HRMS on the cloud that has taken the core features of HR systems, such as recording absences, managing employee personal and financial information, and complying with different countries’ policies and tax laws, all of which are embodied in a Lite version of MenaITech’s comprehensive HRMS systems. With its ease of use and effective solutions, MenaLite® has been successfully implemented in over 2500 organizations across 25 countries.

MenaLite®’s Payroll System

Despite being a lite system, MenaLite® has all the core payroll functionalities of MenaPAY®. Our system is equipped with a comprehensive employee personal file, ensuring the accurate storage and maintenance of all details relating to an employee, such as their spouses, education, job history, and more to create their employee profile. And with our complete financial profile, which allows you to store the crucial details of an employee’s financial information, our system automates and streamlines payroll processes which can be time-consuming and ridden with mistakes when done manually. Social security deductions, extra salaries, and taxes are just some of the core payroll transactions that the system offers.

Because it is fully localized, we ensure compliance with any MENA countries’ tax laws and social security policies, keeping in line with your local rules and regulations. No matter where you are, you can access the cloud-based system, anytime and on any device, and because of its multi-language and multi-currency properties, you can do it all in the language of your choice and accurately calculate salaries using your preferred currency.

ESS and MSS to Boost Employee Experience and Manager Engagement

MenaLite®’s solutions just seem to get better and better, because now, employees and managers alike can view any HR-related information online using the device of their choice, including their mobile phones. MenaLite® offers two self-service portals, one for employees and one for managers. Our employee self-service (ESS) portal allows employees to stay in touch with their HR departments, access and modify information that relates to them, and send requests for leaves, vacations, overtime, and training. This boosts employee experience by giving them the control over requests, punching in and punching out, seeking improvement by requesting specific training, and more.

Managers can use the manager self-service (MSS) portal to get access to HR-related information, and can also request the viewing of their employees’ information, evaluate employees’ performance, and send requests to HR for finding new candidates for a vacancy and later for training employees after identifying their training needs. The system also allows managers to identify and follow-up on candidates who are in the various stages of the interview cycle; who are the potential candidates, what stage they have reached in the cycle and if they are qualified to move onto the next, and how to initiate the onboarding process if the candidate was selected for the job.

Core HR Functions on MenaLite®

The people of your organization are the most crucial aspect of your business, and MenaLite® ensures that your business keeps track of all core HR functionalities that will enhance your performance management. MenaLite® covers the entire talent management cycle staring with talent acquisition. MenaLite® allows HR teams and managers to identify gaps in the organization which can be effectively addressed by creating the necessary job vacancies, which must go through approval cycles first in order to create a job description for the new role. Here, HR teams can determine the competencies that candidates need to have to successfully meet the job requirements.

Through MenaLite®, employees can use the system’s online application to submit their resumes to apply for the job position. Using MenaLite®’s talent management solutions, HR teams and managers can determine if the candidate has met the job requirements, and if the candidate is accepted for the job, HR teams can later use the system’s solutions such as training and development to determine training needs, performance evaluation to assess employees according to pre-defined metrics, career path planning to identify the next role an employee needs to take on in the organization, or succession planning to train employees to take over a key position in the company, all of which will optimize employee engagement and ensure their performance always meets expectations.

MenaLite®’s other crucial HR functionalities include leaves and vacations management, compensations and benefits, extra salaries, time and attendance management and more.

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What you need to know!
Why should I make the switch from the enterprise version to the cloud version?

Why should I make the switch from the enterprise version to the cloud version?

For all of the benefits, of course! MenaLite® has competitive prices, end-to-end security, and no maintenance fees, all of which make the cloud version one of the best lite HRMS solutions, complete with comprehensive payroll, HR, ESS, and MSS functions. With the cloud version, you will be able to save on infrastructure costs which improves flexibility, and minimize hardware and software implementation, making more time for optimizing HRMS processes, specifically for SMEs. And did we mention that we provide free online support year-round?

Is MenaLite<sup>®</sup> secure?

Is MenaLite® secure?

MenaLite® is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which offers one of the highest standards of data security. Because Microsoft has implemented software development with enhanced security, operational management, and threat mitigation practices, it helps deliver services that achieve higher levels of security, privacy, and compliance that most customers can’t achieve on their own.

How soon can the system be up and ready?

How soon can the system be up and ready?

Because we are known for our agility, implementing our cloud solutions needs no longer than 5 days to be ready for you to use to efficiently and effectively carry out any HRMS processes.

Does it require training before use?

Does it require training before use?

Yes, but there’s no need to worry. We’re here to help you every step of the way: we provide online and on-site training programs for all our cloud solutions.

What are some of the benefits of the time and attendance features of MenaLite<sup>®</sup>?

What are some of the benefits of the time and attendance features of MenaLite®?

Employees can punch in and punch out using the mobile app which can be integrated with Google Maps, Apple Maps, or GPS. And because of the integration of real-time attendance and live location, you can know exactly where an employee was at the time of punching in and punching out.